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Live Video Groups

Consider Groups to solve problems, build working relationships, form partner alliances, obtain new business contacts and potential clients, reach service providers, find industry experts and stay in touch with organizations, old school friends and former company employees.

Members can form a new group or join an existing group. Groups can be private or public. Group creators (Managers) can elect to be listed in our Group Category Directory. Group Membership may be subject to review by the Group Manager and the Manager has the power to prohibit entry. Entry to a group is by username and password security.

Groups are usually Publicly Listed; however, anyone can form a Private Group. There is no limit on the number of members in each group (two members could have their own private, unlisted Group). Businesses can form Private Company Groups which enable internal department or company work projects to have their own private communication network. Private Work Groups can be formed for select employees under total privacy using coded entry. Private Company Groups are an ideal way to disseminate updates, policies and other select pertinent information.

Branch offices, organizations, clubs, government departments (almost everyone) can video conference using our Live Net Video Program or netcast to millions using our NetVision software AND they can make their Network Group, Public or Private. It's a Free Video Communication Network!

Each group has a Home Page where members Login. You can click on the Group Managers Button on the Home Page which will provide information about the group and it's membership policy, etc. Members are listed on the Membership Name Roster Page, which can only be accessed after you are accepted for Group Membership.

There is a Profile section on the membership registration page. Profiles are necessary to learn about qualifications, business attributes, and a member's background. Group members can access other group member's profile to determine their experience, skills and other work-related knowledge, prior to calling the member. A click on the member's name which is accessed from the Membership Names Page will display the member's profile. There is a Button on the Members Profile Page which can connect you to the member for Live 2 Way InterActive Streaming Video Communication.

Members who are online and are willing to accept communication, have their pictures automatically displayed in the Online Directory. A click on their profile button will display their profile. A click on their pictures will instantly connect them to the member, so they can interact live, either by video or text. They can send files, plans, videos, etc., using our Document Transfer. We also provide a Video Displayer so they can show products, pictures, brochures, etc. Members can search their Network Group for information using Keywords. Search results can reveal Name, Profession, Education, Company, Location and Profile Information, etc. Use Group Search to find members with your select interests.

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