Video Commenters

Video Commenting is Free & Easy To Use

Commenters who post a Video Response to a Displayed News Article receive our LiveNetVideo Program FREE which enables them to Live Video Conference with other viewers! Commenters can place this icon alongside their video commentary posting if they elect to receive Live Video Conferencing with viewers about their comments on the news article. It's Free to use, but you must Check the box to enable the Icon Posting to appear for each Video Commentary Posting. Anyone can initiate a Video Conference anytime they choose; they can also choose not to enable the Live News Connector Icon - However, Video Conferencing is Fun and a nice way to meet interesting people!

This video software is Free to use if you Refer a visitor to Tell them about this Free offer. Once you've used our video software, you can Video Conference Live and intotal Privacy with all your Friends, Family, Associates and in your Business.


Download the Bz Connector to your internet enabled computer device and connect your webcam. It's EZ to use the BZ. This Two Way Interactive Streaming Video, communicates in Voice. Video or Instant Messaging. You can leave a voice or video message in complete privacy.

Features of the Live Video Connector for Internet Explorer - If you need to send documents, videos, music, etc., use our Free Video/Audio Data Transfer and should you require access to your computer away from your home or office, use our Free Computer Remote Control.

The Live Video Connector allows you to communicate live, show a video, draw pictures and so much more. When you're not using the Live Video Connector to interact with your website visitors, you can call your friends, family, and co-workers anytime, anywhere and its all FREE. To enable your visitors to connect using the Live Video Connector, you will have to download our program, "LliveNetVideo". For more information about "LiveNetVideo, Click Here. To install "LiveNetVideo" go to your account info page and enter your user name in the box at the bottom of the page where indicated, click add and follow the instructions (it's completely FREE). For instructions on how "LiveNetVideo" works, Click Here.

CHROME, FIREFOX, OPERA, including Mobile Version USERS

This is a web based program with no downloads. These programs enable your customers and clients that use Chrome, Firefox or Opera or mobile devices using these browsers to click on your "Bz Connector" button and be instantly connected. You will also have to use one of these browsers to be able to accept their call. The web based version includes live two way video, audio and texting. In the near future we will be adding file transfer, telestrator and multi conferencing, which is now available using Internet Explorer. This multi conferencing feature will allow multiple users to interact live with each other and can be used for Live Net Meetings. For more information on how it works, Click Here.

Receiving Calls

To receive calls using the web based program for the browsers listed above you must be logged into your Network of Business account and leave the Live Video Connector page open on your desk top. You can also use the Internet Explorer Bz Connector. Since this program is not web based after you've downloaded the program, you can keep it open in your task bar. When a customer clicks on your Bz Connector Button marked Internet Explorer, the program will automatically open indicating you have a call. At this time you can accept or reject the call.

Bz Connector Button(s)

You can add the Bz Connector button(s) to your website or website ads, even your emails, so your customers can instantly connect. Click Here for more information.

Add Live Video Connector to your Profile Page, so your visitors can contact you directly by video/audio or text. When you add the Live Video Connector to your Profile, the Bz Icon will be displayed. Visitors can click on the icon and be directly connected to you. If they have a webcam and microphone you can talk and see each other.

Internet Explorer Button -

Chrome, Firefox, Opera Button -

Reach more Customers and add Buttons to serve Internet Explorer users and the web based program for Chrome, Firefox, Opera including mobile versions to your website or website ads and emails.

Visit for more details.

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