Bz Benefits

The N of B provides Members with Many Free Programs.

Hundreds of thousands are receiving leads through our Free Programs and our CompuMatcher and Content Leads Program are leading the way.

  • Our Franchise and Buy a Biz/Sell a Biz Programs provide Free Sales Listings and Buyer Leads.
  • Insurance and Mortgage Brokers receive Free Buying Leads.
  • N of B's "Service Work Center and "Worker 2 Go" Programs provide Leads for the Construction and Service Industries.
  • Free Listing (Ads) in the Network of Business Directories and Search Engines.
  • Members can participate in Ad Revenue on Ads placed in the N of B's Looki Partner - Ad Rev Share.
  • Receive Free Advertising and Revenue Sharing - See Collaborative Journalist Program
  • Free Listings (Ads) in N of B's "Local Locator."
  • Free Product/Service Listings (Ads) in N of B's "Seek a Price."
  • Free Employment Ads in Bz Career Center.
  • Live Net Video - One to One Live Video Conferencing.
  • Live Video Connector - Buyers connect to Sales Reps using Live Interactive Video.
  • NetVisionTV - Netcast to Millions of Viewers.
  • BzCRM - Sales and Marketing Software.
  • Bz eMail - Bulk eMailing Software with instant Live 2 Way Video Communication.

Bz Benefits are Business Services which the N of B provides as part of their Membership. As an N of B Member, you can benefit from the purchasing power of our large combined membership. You may be aware of many of the companies listed in the categories below, but there are huge discounts on essential business goods and services that can only be purchased through a National Member Association such as the N of B.

  • Free Biz Forms/Legal Filings - The N of B's access to 30,000 Legal Forms provides their Members the ability to complete legal forms and contracts to save money.
  • Free Education - the N of B provides Members with Many Free Courses and Educational Programs.

Bz Services are Services which the Net of Bz provides as part of their Membership. As an Net of Bz Member, you can benefit from the purchasing power of our large combined membership. You may be aware of many of the companies listed in the categories below, but there are huge discounts on essential business goods and services that can only be purchased through a National Member Organization such as the Net of Bz.

To learn about these Bz Benefits, click on any of the categories listed below to See the various participating companies.

If you don't have a Business Website, you'll need Web Hosting, a Domain Name and an eMail Address. The Network of Business has partnered with Yahoo to provide everything you'll need to get your website up and running immediately.

We've made it so Easy – Anyone can do it because you can create and customize your own site by click selection from Free professional designs. There's no downloads, special softwares or Tech experience required because everything is online in a step by step guide with a check list.

Even though it's Simple to get your Business Website online, your Customers will see that it's not a Simple Looking Website – You can embed photo galleries and slide shows, plus videos for product demos along with audio and musical backgrounds. You can have maps and driving directions for your in house customers.

You can use Facebook and Twitter to assist in your Social business promotions. You can use Pay Pal so your customers can make small purchases. Also included in the Web Hosting Plan is your Business Domain Name Registration which also provides your Business email Address.

A Special Feature is the Marketing Dashboard which is also Free in the Website Package. Learn about "Local Visibility" which enables you to optimize your website and get listed in over 100 Search Engines and Directories.

There's so much included, so we'll let Yahoo tell you all about it. Click Here. Look up the "Advanced" Business Web Hosting Plan - It's an incredible Value!

Yahoo didn't stop there - they also built an eCommerce Web Store which supports features like inventory control that enables you to upload product information; even accept catalog feeds from shopping directories with real time integration. You can set up a Pay Pal Payment Account. Members of the Network of Business who use Merchant Warehouse to process credit cards can easily integrate this low cost Credit Card Processing Company for easy implementation. Click Here for Merchant Warehouse.

The eCommerce Store has so many Features that it's a must to visit "Merchant Solutions", Click Here for the information and learn about Building and Designing Your Store by adding product descriptions and prices, images, etc. See the order processing, shopping cart and shipping options and learn how you can promote your site and obtain new customers through the use of coupons, gift certificates, up/cross selling and email promotions. You can integrate social business networking, even place internal search on your site; it also supports analytical tools for tracking and best of all – you can export orders to N of B's "BzCRM" Program for Order Management and Accounting.

The eCommerce Store Premier Feature is this - Yahoo doesn't only provide a web store for you, they provide you with search engine and marketing optimization so you can bulk email your business information to over 100 search engines and directories.

We can't stress the importance enough that small to medium size businesses should start with a Web Presence that they can rely on. There are No Set Up Fees so Get Started Now. Don't forget to tell Yahoo that you heard about their Website Program through We need their promotion and search engine optimization and placement as well; AND tell everyone about Marissa Mayer and her superb leadership!


Business Lending

Members can obtain capital to launch new products and services to grow their business. Funds can be used for many business purposes such as purchasing a new business or franchise, opening a branch or facility, purchasing inventory or equipment, etc. N of B's Lending Program also offers working capital to improve cash flow, refinance debt to lower rates, pay expenses, taxes, payroll and other worthy purposes. Click Here for more info.


It's Ins4Less! With the N of B's Huge Member Purchasing Power within the Insurance Industry, we are able to offer this Membership GUARANTEE –

Members who apply for Business, Health, Life, Property or Vehicle Insurance through our "InsQuoters" Program will receive their initial Net of Bz Annual Membership FREE if our Insurance Company does not SAVE YOU MONEY – It's our GUARANTEE! You will Receive INS4LESS!

Of course there is No Obligation to try our INS4LESS Program, but if we can Save you Money with your choice of America's Largest Insurance Companies, why not! At the time you Register for Net of Bz Membership, you can immediately use Ins Quoters (right from the Registration Page).

You can Compare Coverage and Prices without commission driven sales pressure. If we can't Save you Money, Your Membership is FREE! You must provide our Insurance Company with the Name of your present Insurance Carrier and the Total Yearly Premium that you now pay. Remember - this offer is available for all your business and personal insurance needs.

To learn more about our Insurance Companies and the many types of insurance coverage that we offer, Click Here.

Credit Card Processing

The Net of Bz only works with Merchant Warehouse because they have the least expensive rates and the best service AND they Guarantee it! Merchant Warehouse (MW) uses the Gateway so Security is a lesser concern. If you're using another service now, try MW, they don't have long term contracts and you can cancel anytime, plus they'll set you up with terminals and everything you need – Fast! Click Here for more info.

Payroll Processing

The Net of Bz has selected Paychek as the #1 Payroll Company in America.

Paychex issues over 10 Million paychecks every month, totalling over 500 Billion Dollars for Americans each year. The answer to why so many businesses chose Paychex is simple - Paychex is entirely focused on personal one-to-one relationships with their clients; their local payroll specialists work closely with you to provide a comprehensive service experience.

Paychex has over 120 locations across the country; they are trusted by over 500,000 US Businesses and they have been in business for over 40 years.

Paychex takes care of calculating, depository and filing payroll taxes and they can also handle HR and employee benefit solutions. To learn more about why the Net of Bz has chosen Paychex and why you should also choose Paychex for your Payroll Services, Click Here.

To request a Free Payroll quote, Paychex

Tax Preparation

The Net of Bz highly recommends Intuit's, Tax Turbo, Quicken and their QuickBooks Software. These softwares can work effectively with N of B's – BzCRM. H & R Block can handle any Small to Medium size Tax Preparation. Larger companies may want to search our CPA Directory; it's the largest online database of Certified Public Accountants, which contains almost 100,000 tax planning professionals. Click below for more information.

Turbo Tax Quicken QuickBooks H & R Block CPA Directory

Office Supplies, Printing and Equipment

Take your pick, Office Depot or Staples – They're the Best and when it comes to printing, Staples leads the field, however FedEx and UPS are also offering some good deals in printing and supplies.

For Office Equipment, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Apple & Best Buy can be accessed Directly on the Net. Click on these Sites for Discount Prices Direct from the Company.

Office Depot Staples Wal-Mart NEBS HP Apple Best Buy Toshiba DELL

Free BZ Forms For Legal Filings

You can File Corporations and LLC's for all 50 States in addition to Washington, DC, Guam and Puerto Rico, including S.E.C., U.C.C., Nasdaq and Finra Filings.

Members can also file Intellectual Property Forms for Patents and Copyrights directly to Federal Agencies.

All these forms are provided Free to Net of Bz by USA Biz Forms and they comply with current State Laws. The Forms are prepared by Attorneys and Law Professionals for every US State. Business Professionals, Attorneys and Paralegals all use these same forms in their daily practice. Consumers will also find them useful in obtaining licenses, permits, etc.

Business Owners need these forms to Start, Manage and Grow their Business and to Stay Compliant. Members will save hundreds of dollars on these EZ to Use Forms.

Bz Forms are immediately downloadable and can be emailed to the Agency, Department or any person at your direction. Some of the forms can also be hand filled for regular mailing.

Most of the forms are also PDF fillable and many utilize Microsoft Word so you can add, edit and rearrange to customize them for your firm's specific use; the balance are in standard text. You can copy and build a file of forms for your repeated use.

To use our comprehensive forms library and enter the database to view the forms, you must be a Company or Ad Member of the N of B. Each Member is limited to ten different form copies/downloads per month. Net of Bz records every database entry and each form copy/download. Any Form can be purchased by any person for $7.95 directly from BzForms without a purchase limit.

If you feel more secure having a legal professional review your filing, we recommend Legal Zoom. Robert Shapiro, founder of Legal Zoom is one of the most respected lawyers in America. Legal Zoom charges for their "Peace of Mind Review," but they don't overcharge, in fact, the cost is very inexpensive to have a legal review. They Guarantee their work. It's a real Saver and they're Fast, Accurate and very Professional. They'll also File your documents too.

For More Information Click Here

Free Employment Listings

N of B's "Bz Career Center" is America's Largest Employment Jobsite - over 10,000 new jobs are entered every day. Our Job CompuMatcher lists 20 Key Components so Businesses can narrow their employee search. Businesses can list jobs Free. Business and Prospective Employees can conduct a Live 2 Way Interactive Video Job Interview.

Click the Button to See Bz Career Center


N of B's "Bz Travel Quoters" gives our members instant travel quotes on airfare, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, etc. The quotes are discounted rates/fares and are open to all of our Members and their Families. Check it out.

Click the Button to See - Bz Travel Quoters


The Net of Bz recommends two shipping companies that everyone knows - UPS and FedEx - But not everyone knows that these companies have partnered with the Net of Bz to offer special business services and rates for our Members.

The new computerized - program integrates USPS shipping right into your existing software and it's a service that no shipper should be without!

For More Information, click the button below.



United Healthcare Employer and Individual Plans offer consumer health benefit plans and services to individuals and business of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 100 companies totaling about 25 Million customers nationwide.

United Healthcare Medicare and Retirement Plans serve the needs of more than 9 Million people over the age of 50.

To receive a quote, Click on your choice of insurance coverage.

Individual Business Group Medicare Plans

These NEW "Live" Social Sites are in Beta.

  • The Military Connector

    Members of the Military can See & Talk Live with their Family and Friends by Free Live Video Conferencing. Call anywhere and talk as long as you like. More Info
  • Looki Me

    Don't tweet or twitter - cause that's for texters - At Looki everyone Sees and Talks Live so LookiMe. More Info
  • Matchinations

    Pick a Date from our Local Dating Locator - Search the Matchinations Profiles and Connect Live using our Free Live Video Conferencing. More Info
  • Live Net Party

    It's Party Time - Join one of the open Parties and Hang for a Bit - If you're a Rapper or a Lapper, I might get you into the Live Net Gigs - "Lap Dance Rap". More Info
  • Live Video Connector

    Display this Icon on your Website Ads, Profile Page, even your emails and anyone can connect with you in a Live Video Conference. You can display and demo products, services to buyers. Increase Sales by 600%. More Info
  • NetVisionTV

    Start your own NetVision Channel. Anyone can easily do it with an Internet enabled computer and a cell phone video camera. Netcast from anywhere by Live Video. It's all Free! More Info
  • Student Connector

    Classmates can Live Video Connect Free to See and Talk with past or present students, using our Live Video Connector. Call anywhere, anytime and talk as long as you like. More Info
  • LiveNetVideo

    See & Talk Live with anyone in a private Interactive 2 Way Video Conference - It's Free to Use. Send documents, videos - Include Voice Mail, Text and Video Messaging. More Info
  • Live Net Gigs

    Our software enables Band members to play remotely and physically apart. They can See & Hear the other Band musicians to mesh their mix by Live Interactive Video. More Info
  • Plug In Room

    Setup Rooms to Store all your Stuff - like Videos, Photos, Music, etc., - See & Talk Live in Groups or in 1-2-1 Privacy. Conduct Business in your Office Room, Host Parties in your Ball Room and do your Home work in your Study Room. It's Fun to Plug in and Watch Live Net Gigs in your Bedroom. More Info

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