How It Works

Directory Access

Any Person can use our Business Directories to See Business Listings and to Video Connect Live with Businesses that are listed in our Directories; they can also purchase products and services from our Members.

Business Listings

Any Company can list their business with a description of their products and services. Users can video connect Live from the Business Listing.

Profile Page

Members can change their Profile Page Contents as often as they like. The page is entered into our database so our search engine can retrieve the contents. If you have products, part numbers, SKU's, etc., enter them in the Profile Page, Products Section. They'll not only appear in our Search Engine, but in other search engines that have marketing alliances with us.

Network Group Members have their Individual Member Profiles listed under their Network Group and also their Home Page.

Video Connection Number/Name

Members choose a private Video Connection Number or Name so other members can contact them by Video Communication. Members also receive an inbox for message mail in addition to their voice/text and video messaging service.

Live Video Connector/Video Displayer

Everyone can now See and Talk Live on their computer using the Free "Live Video Connector." This Two Way InterActive Streaming Video, communicates in Voice, Video and/or Instant Messaging. We've got voice, IM Text and video messaging and you can leave a voice or video message in complete privacy.

If you need to send documents, videos, music, etc., use our Free Video/Audio Data Transfer and should you require access to your computer away from your home or office, use our Free Computer Remote Control.

If you work in sales, try our Free video sales software. We have two special features - A "Telestrator" with laser pointer to demonstrate, write or draw on, during the presentation. Our Video Displayer is excellent for business, but anyone can use it; imagine displaying all your sales inventory while Seeing and Talking Live with a customer; anyone can use it to display new or used products.

But, the Best Feature of all, is that everyone can video communicate anywhere in the world Free! Every Business Customer/Client, can use it to "LiveNetVideo."

"Live Video Connector" Icon

The Live Video Connector icon instantly connects users to the Merchant/Business that has activated the icon into our Business Listing/Map System.

The Live 2 Way Streaming Video enables you to See & Talk Live. You must have a microphone and speakers to audio communicate and a webcam to enable the other party to see you. Of course, you can elect to use the audio and/or IM Feature without the video.

Our Video Communication is not only for Shopping/Business use; you can video communicate with Family and Friends anywhere in the world and it's all Free!

Registration is not necessary to use the Live Video Connector; however, the "No Registration" service is limited for Network of Business Visitors only. To use the Live Video Connector for full communication, you must register and download our Free LiveNetVideo Program. Click Here for information.

Click Here for more Information on Live Video Connector.

Click Here for info on the Live Video Connector Privacy.


Now, You can Netcast a Business Show Free to everyone on the Net! You Control the NetVision Delivery and Time. All you need is a Web Cam and Microphone.

NetVision is InterActive, so the Moderator can See and Talk Live with Callers; Viewers can also See the Callers - it's great for a Live Business Show, Entertainment or for Community Events. Schools can netcast Live Sporting Events, Governments can use it for Council Meetings and Corporations can Report Quarterly Reports, etc. To be eligible as a NetVision Station Manager for government, you must gain approval from the local city administrator, local school board director or a local civic association in order to netcast their activity Free.

These NEW "Live" Social Sites are in Beta.

  • The Military Connector

    Members of the Military can See & Talk Live with their Family and Friends by Free Live Video Conferencing. Call anywhere and talk as long as you like. More Info
  • Looki Me

    Don't tweet or twitter - cause that's for texters - At Looki everyone Sees and Talks Live so LookiMe. More Info
  • Matchinations

    Pick a Date from our Local Dating Locator - Search the Matchinations Profiles and Connect Live using our Free Live Video Conferencing. More Info
  • Live Net Party

    It's Party Time - Join one of the open Parties and Hang for a Bit - If you're a Rapper or a Lapper, I might get you into the Live Net Gigs - "Lap Dance Rap". More Info
  • Live Video Connector

    Display this Icon on your Website Ads, Profile Page, even your emails and anyone can connect with you in a Live Video Conference. You can display and demo products, services to buyers. Increase Sales by 600%. More Info
  • NetVisionTV

    Start your own NetVision Channel. Anyone can easily do it with an Internet enabled computer and a cell phone video camera. Netcast from anywhere by Live Video. It's all Free! More Info
  • Student Connector

    Classmates can Live Video Connect Free to See and Talk with past or present students, using our Live Video Connector. Call anywhere, anytime and talk as long as you like. More Info
  • LiveNetVideo

    See & Talk Live with anyone in a private Interactive 2 Way Video Conference - It's Free to Use. Send documents, videos - Include Voice Mail, Text and Video Messaging. More Info
  • Live Net Gigs

    Our software enables Band members to play remotely and physically apart. They can See & Hear the other Band musicians to mesh their mix by Live Interactive Video. More Info
  • Plug In Room

    Setup Rooms to Store all your Stuff - like Videos, Photos, Music, etc., - See & Talk Live in Groups or in 1-2-1 Privacy. Conduct Business in your Office Room, Host Parties in your Ball Room and do your Home work in your Study Room. It's Fun to Plug in and Watch Live Net Gigs in your Bedroom. More Info

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