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About Us

Business Experience

The Network of Business began in 1979. In 1981, we started and published two business magazines - National Business Association and New Business Magazine. In the Nineties, we offered over 100 Business Educational Courses, including an MBA and Law Degree Program. We started Internet Operations in 2000 and a few years later, we began development on Internet Video Communication. We now maintain the largest Business, Manufacturing & Industry Directories in which Users can See Live Product Displays and Service Demonstrations from our Member Businesses.


The Directory of Business, The Directory of Manufacturing & The Directory of Industries

has representation from over 30 Million Businesses listed in our Directory Database. Every Member can be instantly connected to See and Talk Live in Real Time with anyone! This Global Reach is reduced to a one-on-one "In Person Live Meeting; where everyone can interact live in real time to demo and display products, etc."

Business Resources

We continuously spider the internet and index information on Manufacturing, Industry & General Business. We obtain information on businesses from various business, government and internet sources such as Business and Informational Directories, State & Federal Governments including the SBA; Chamber of Commerce, The Better Business Bureau, Yellow Pages, Website Domain Filings and Government Filings.

Search Engine

The Network of Business provides a Directory Search. Our Directory Search retrieves companies and their products from the Network of Business Directories. To speed Search, we present a preview picture of the Business Home Page. What separates us apart from the Big Two Search Engines is our Live Video Connector. Our Directory Search delivers "Live Interactive Results," where searchers can be instantly connected to the company (advertiser) by Live 2 Way Streaming Video so they can See & Talk Live with our members about Products and Services. Talking and Seeing "Live" instills trust and turns searchers into customers and clients.

BZ Collaborator

Bz Collaborator is a Suite of Five Video Collaboration Programs -


Members promote their Business Products and Services by Netcasting a Live Streaming Net Show to Millions of Simultaneous Viewers.

Live Video Meeting

Live Video Meeting is our Live Video Multi-Party Conferencing and Meeting Program. Meetings can be Private or Public. All attendees are shown live and they can display anything for all others to see. Attendees can also send a file to any meeting attendee and they can text message the entire group.

Live Video Connector

Members can use our Private Live Video Conferencing Program with Live Video PBX. One of the unique features is - Consumers can One Button Click to Instantly Live Video Connect to you or your Business Reps, even without Registration or Download. The Button can be placed on your website, profile, ads and social sites, even your emails.

Video Forum

N of B Members See & Talk about Bz - Ask Questions and Get Answers from Experts in their Line of Business.

Video Groups

Members Socialize and collaborate with other Members in Specialized Business Groups by Live Video Interaction.

Bz Profiles

Bz Profiles is designed to assist Businesses in developing new business through social business contacts. We encourage all business people to Live Video Conference with their customers/clients and also with B2B employees.

Bz Career Sites

Bz Career Sites is mainly directed to millenniums, including High School Graduates and College Students, however, anyone contemplating a Career Move will immediately see the most unique Sites for Education and Careers.


BzCRM is the Sales Management and SuperVision Software which controls Sales & Service and provides our Sales Rep Members with Sales Leads. BzCRM centralizes all the Sales and Marketing information so buyers, sellers, sales reps and supervisory management can communicate by Live Interactive Video to help them perform more effectively.

Sales Transactor

The Sales Transactor is a program for Sellers to Sell Products and Services and where Buyers can obtain them. Our CompuMatcher Matches Buyer Requests with Suppliers and the Leads are sent directly to the Sales Rep. Our Business Button is changing internet sales. Place this icon on your site, listings, profiles, ads and emails and be prepared for instant sales. The Bz Button is used to connect to customers by Live Inteactive Video.