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Our Live Video Communication and Collaboration programs were designed to improve communication within the business community while focusing on producing business sales and service. To accomplish these goals, we’ve developed unique live video communication programs which interact with customers/clients in all of our programs.

Smart Phones play the largest role in delivering live video communication, but the Net of Bz’s – Live Video Programs are changing the way Business is conducted. Our Live Video Software programs were designed to reduce project working time for businesses.

We’ve developed a Live Video Conferencing Forum in which our Business Members and their Customers can provide answers to questions concerning program operations. This Forum lessens the amount of time spent by employees communicating by email and text. Marketing and Sales employees currently spend about a third of their day in just reading and answering emails. Once a Customer Video Forum Platform is established, most of the email time can be repurposed to more productive business efforts.

Too much time is also consumed by employees searching for information; time can be reduced by implementing an “in-house” Company Social Network.

Sporadic video surveillance and computer time recording by supervisors to ensure employee working time is easily implemented. It’s a fact – Controlling employee work operations can make significant savings in the HR expenditures.

These programs and policies are cost cutting practices and always lead to a more productive business.

Business Enterprises should give serious thought to Cost Cutting their most expensive expenditure - unneeded Main and Regional offices.

The following is a brief history of how central city head offices evolved– Cities were once small towns with a central commerce area. Most employees lived close by, but as towns became larger with more companies, many employees moved to the Suburbs. The Suburbs produced Shopping Centers and the Small Central Downtown Retailer left to join the suburbans and their Malls, BUT, the Central City Large Companies took over the central downtowns and built Sky Scrapers to conduct their operations with all their office workers.

We encourage Head and Regional Office Decentralization because our Live Video Connector and Collaborator Programs can provide upper management with workplace production controls that are equal and greater than are presently used in large employee central offices. Video Display monitors are inexpensive and they can provide instant live collaboration with any employee in a private one to one conference, no matter where the employees and manager are located, at any time. Live Video Conferencing ranging from Conference Calls to Large Meetings does not take time to set up. Everyone can be instantly connected at any time with just a computer click or tap on a smartphone. Just remember, the upper echelon does not relinquish control of operations and policies with Decentralization because Live Video Conferencing provides a closer bond with employees.

Upper Management is content to commute, just to pride themselves in their corner office of the Ivory Tower. Such egotism doesn’t produce income, in fact, the costs of maintaining a central city office complex is enormous. (It could be a good discussion at the next Board of Directors Meeting). Consider this – all that office space can be put to use in housing Cloud Servers.

Decentralization of Main and Regional Office is now open for discussion – But let’s explore more on How Large Enterprises can double their Bottom Line, using DeCentralization. Click Here.