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We are a Free Membership Organization

Owners/Management can list their Business in the Network of Business (Net of Bz) Directories. Each Company is provided with one Business Listing in the Directory of their choice. Members can also advertise Free in their Profile Page. Employee Company Members can link their Profiles to the Company Listing/Profile.

Any Business can List their Business Free in any of one of our Three Directories. The Listing can contain your Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, a description about your company and a link to your business website.

If your Business is already published in one of our Directories and you wish to change any of the content, you can easily make changes. To List Your Business or make changes to your listing Click Here.

Bz Profiles

We encourage everyone to complete a Personal Profile. It's a tremendous tool for Social Business Communication. After registering for Network of Business, you will be able to complete your Personal Profile from the Bz Controller.

Employee Membership

We include the electronic inbox message connector with 2 Way Real Time, Interactive Video Communication, which assures that sales representatives can reach the Decision Makers.

Employee Members can use our Live Video Connector and Live Video Meeting Programs (video/audio/text), including our collaboration features; it's all Free with Employee Membership Registration. They can also use our Search Engine, Directories, Video Forum, Network Groups, Bz Collaborator, Sales Transactor and Bz CRM programs.

Another Sales Tool is Bz Messages (part of Network Groups). Bz Messages can be sent to and from "Group Members" within a group by using our Bulk email, text and/or Video. Bz Messages can be about News, Products and Services, but the Bz message must be related to each Group's "Stated Interests." Messages are limited to 150 characters of text and/or 30 seconds of Video. Messages are sent through our Message Center and are received on the Members Home/Profile pages, so Members see the message as they login to the Network of Business.

Company Membership

A Company Listing includes a description of your business with a direct link to your Business Profile page and your Business Website. The Listing can also contain our "Live Video Connector" so any visitor can be instantly connected to your business by Live Two Way InterActive Streaming Video, even without the Visitor registering. The Live Video Connector easily installs on your website and your website ads. Both parties can also elect to use Audio or Text IM if they wish. Seeing "Live" Sells!

Each Listing can have up to three product or service keywords to assist our search engine retrieval in the display results. Company Membership includes the Self-Employed.

We maintain a marketing partnership with MSN, Yahoo, Google and other large search engines and portals and their ads appear in the column sides of our Directory pages. These search engines continuously spider our Directory Databases for Business Information; most display our Business Listings in their search engine results, which provides added exposure to your Business.

For a List of Company Member Features and to Register, Click Here.

Alliance Membership

Alliance Members are people who are not directly connected with Business Companies but are interested in Business and the Benefits and Services that Net of Bz provides.

Alliance Members are largely comprised of media reporters, academics, including faculty and students, retired workers, government organizations and association personnel and like-minded business people who have mutual interests in sharing knowledge through networking, communication and education.

Many Alliance Members see the potential in forging relationships to develop business and educational opportunities.

Media Reporters can obtain Company Executive Contacts in every business industry. The Unemployed and Underemployed have access to our Job Postings as we list over 10,000 new positions every day.

Retired people enroll to obtain low cost insurance which includes auto, home and health insurance. Our Medicare Supplemental Plans have the broadest coverage; we're known for the most Affordable Rates from America's Largest Insurance Companies.

The Net of Bz also offers Business Insurance for Sole Proprietorships to Large Enterprises – Employee Medical Plans is our Specialty.

Alliance Members are able to access and use all the Benefits and Services of the Net of Bz. Click Here for Free Benefits.

BzEd Program is the Business Education Center for Net of Bz. Alliance Members are provided with Free Courses from the Largest and Most Prestigious Colleges and Universities. Yes – they're Free. We have programs from 2900 Colleges and Universities. Many Students enroll so they can test out of their General Education Requirement, which can reduce a 4 Year Degree Program down to 2 Years – It can cut your tuition in half at America's Top Schools!

To Become an Alliance Member, Click Here.

GOV Membership

Elected Government Officials and Candidates for Public Office are entitled to Free Membership.

Politicians now receive direct financial campaign support from many of our Members, however, most Politicians join as a Gov Member to obtain our Free Live InterActive Video Communication System. Our multi-media system can lower political campaign costs and can instantly present your message anytime in Live InterActive Streaming Video to millions of voters on the internet.

Our Member Database is setup so Gov Members can automatically contact Businesses in their district, city, county, state or areas they cover, so our Members can receive the Gov Members video netcast on their website or text message in their inbox messaging system.

Gov Members receive a Free website page where Gov Members can use our Live NetVision program to send a Live Video Netcast to members.

Live Video Netcasts can be viewed by anyone on your personal or government website and on your website page. Prior to Live Video Netcasting, you can send a message to all your constituents which includes an auto link to your upcoming live netcast.

Gov Members can send live video netcasts from their desktop or laptop computer or smartphone. You can reach millions of simultaneous viewers using Live NetVision program, however you can also use our Free Video Communication programs - "LiveNetVideo," to communicate by Live InterActive Private 2 Way Video. Both of these Video can also send voice only and/or text messaging. These programs are of the Highest Video and Audio Quality and are offered to Gov Members Free.

Video Communication can Free your Travel Time. Imagine the local business/service club or a convention/meeting/event which is set-up with a large video monitor - You can live video netcast from your home or office. The attendees (viewers) can video interact live with you, so everyone sees everything. This enables you to reach more people, more often.

There are Benefits in becoming a Gov Member, which you'll discover by viewing our website. Once you get into the program, you'll see the Polling/Voting Feature in Live NetVision. You can Poll your Constituents or our members about Political Issues and receive instant Voting Results. The "Direct Lobby", which is accessed on the Home Page is important to you, because it's the site for Member access to their Elected Gov officials. We encourage you to partake in the video/audio/text blogging of the Direct Lobby; this site reaches bloggers and viewers both inside and outside the business community. For a List of Gov Member Features and to Register, Click Here.

Consumer Membership

Consumers (Buyers) can use our Live Video Communication Programs for Business Transactions on the Net. Our Live Video Programs are not restricted to Business; Everyone can use the Programs for both their Business and Personal use. Our Live Video Connector is used in both one to one and one to many video conferencing.

Consumers can use the N of B in the same way as businesses use the Free programs.

Any User Member can use the Live Video Programs to communicate with Friends, Family and Business Associates. Social Media Users are also provided with our Free Live Net Video programs.

Partner Membership

N of B will Partner and Freely Share their Live Video Communication Programs with Business, Trade and Professional Associations, Consumer and Marketing Organizations, Religious and Educational Institutions, Unions and all Government Agencies and Departments. All of these entities can have their employees, customers, clients, family and all their members use our Live Video Connector and Live Video Meeting Programs.

Partners must place the Free user/membership registration in a prominent place on their website. To Become a Partner and use Live NetVision, the Partner must refer over 100 Members who registor for Free membership. All referred members must refer at least two members. Remember, to become a user, they'll need to contact someone to test the Live Video Connector program, so it's easy to refer two users. Only partners can use our Live NetVision Program. All other membership classes can use the Live Video Connector and Live Video Meeting programs. See the Registration Form - Click Here.

Live Internet Video is subject to abuse, so we have developed protections for wrongful use. Membership of the Live Video Programs is co-registered with us and as a Partner, you also have a duplicate of the registration. Our Partnership can easily double your sales.