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The purpose of this disclosure is to inform you of the practices which are related to the personal information which you provide by using and/or registering as a Member of Network of Business, including personal information that you provide when using the service.


When you register, it is necessary to obtain a net number, user name and password for using the video communication system and accessing the Network of Business database. Information of a personal nature is only collected with your approval. We do not verify the information, unless we receive complaints of misuse. Generally speaking, the contact information is used to notify users of our policies. We do not sell or otherwise provide third parties with your personal information.

At Network of Business, we take your privacy very seriously. Because of this we want to provide you with explicit information on how we collect, gather, identify and use information during your visit to our site. This information may be expanded or updated as we change or develop our site. For this reason, we recommend that you review this policy from time-to-time to see if anything has changed. Your continued use of our site signifies your acceptance of our privacy policy.

Personally Identifiable Information refers to information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, phone number, email or postal address. In many cases we need this information to provide the personalized or enhanced service that you have requested.

The amount of Personally Identifiable Information that you choose to disclose to Network of Business is completely up to you. The only way we know something about you personally is if you provide it to us in conjunction with one of our services.

In addition to the information you knowingly provide, Network of Business collects the domain names and IP addresses of its users, along with usage statistics e.g., usage times of softwares. This data is used to more efficiently operate our website, promote member products and services and administer the Website. Network of Business may combine this information with the personally identifiable information it collects. Members can list profile information which is openly available to other members. Do not list information which you believe is personal and not for other Network of Business member's use.

Network of Business collects information on our users in two ways; by your voluntary submissions (for instance, if you sign up for our Free Services) and/or submit information inquiries and through cookie technology.

The information Network of Business collects is used in a variety of ways: for internal review; to improve the content of the site, thus making your user experience more valuable; to notify you about updates to the service, etc.

Do not provide the general public with personal information such as email or mailing addresses, etc. Do not allow anyone to use your user name or password. Do not use a member's account or create a false identity or let anyone access your account.

We do not rent or sell email addresses or other information about our members.

The Network of Business does not verify our member's identity and therefore, you agree that we have no liability for identity theft or the theft or misuse of your personal information.


Network of Business periodically sends emails to its subscribers about services offered by Network of Business and it's subsidiary owned sites.

You may elect to publish your email address in your business listing.

As a valued consumer, we offer you the opportunity to "opt out", or request not to accept these emails. If at any time you change your mind and do not want Network of Business or it's subsidiaries to contact you, or would simply like to be removed from the list, please let us know by emailing us at: or by writing us at Network of Business, 3651 Lindell Road, Suite D, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103. We will immediately cancel all of your services.

Cookies and Data Implants

We use data retrieval information to enhance relevant information, e.g. Placing a Cookie on the password enables the user to fast track entry on subsequent uses.

Network of Business may automatically collect non-personally identifiable information and data through the use of "cookies." Cookies are small text files a Web site uses to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user's ongoing access to the site and facilitate the use of the site. "Cookies" also allow a site to track usage behavior and compile site usage information that will allow for the improvement of content and target advertising.

With the usage of our sites and softwares you agree to permit Network of Business the recording of your IP address and the domain name which you are connecting from and all pages viewed. We use this information to prevent abuse and to protect the public from illegal or unethical activity. We cooperate fully with government and law enforcement officials. We also act to halt copyright infringement and will terminate a member for such violation.

We contract with third parties to perform internet related services such as hosting, data storage and retrieval, security management and direct marketing. They are required to maintain privacy and security of your information and such information cannot be sold by said third parties.


If you don't wish to receive additional information, you may indicate so by opting out. See Registration Form.

If you have provided us your email address and at any time you change your mind and you do not want anyone to email you simply ask us to remove your email address by emailing us at We will oblige and terminate your membership and our software communication.

Third Party Communication

Communication and Purchasing with any party other than Network of Business are solely between you and any third party. Network of Business is not liable for any goods, services, resources or content available through such third party communications or purchasing, or for any harm related thereto.

Professional Advice

Network of Business does not provide professional advice, and you agree that you will not use Network of Business as a substitute for or supplement to advice from a qualified professional, whether they be a financial, legal or other professional. Network of Business Advises you to always seek licensed professional help.


Network of Business reserves the right, at its sole discretion to immediately and without notice, suspend or terminate your registration and ability to access our Website and to remove any User Content, for any reason including any conduct by you that Network of Business determines in its sole and absolute discretion to be inappropriate and Network of Business shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any such suspension or termination.

Network of Business does not verify and is not responsible for member submitted content, therefore, you bear all responsibility and risks associated with any such content, including the accuracy of any content.

Privacy and Use of Information

By using the Software/Sites of Network of Business you have agreed to our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that 1) we do not ensure the security or privacy of information provided through the Internet including your email messages, video and audio messages and instant messaging and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the use of such information by other parties; 2) we are not responsible for, and do not control, the use by others of any information which you provide to them and you should use caution in selecting the personal information you provide to others through the Software/Sites; and 3) we do not assume any responsibility for the content of messages sent by other users of the Software/Sites, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the contents of any communications you may receive from other users. We do not guarantee and assume no responsibility for verifying the accuracy of the information provided by other users of the Software/Sites.

Your account is private and should not be used by anyone else. You are responsible for all usage or activity on the Software/Sites or by users using your password, including but not limited to use of your password by any third party.

Your name, address and phone number is not displayed on your Network of Business page, unless you elect to make it public for other Network of Business members. We don't suggest that you list personal identification information for public viewing, however if you link your Network of Business page to your website (if you have one), we do not object to such a choice. Business references and all legal site references, except porn and explicit sexual content are acceptable for your linking, however, as a Network of Business member, you have the sole liability for any and all content which emanates from you and your page, regardless how it is electronically connected or transmitted.

Your Consent

By using our Software/Site, you consent to the collection and use of the information described by this Privacy Policy.

We may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by sending a notice to the primary email address specified in your account or by placing a prominent notice on our site.

Memberships and General Use for Children

Users, including viewers and registrants must be 18 years of age or older to use the Network of Business and the softwares provided by Network of Business Parents are at all times, responsible for their children's internet behavior and use of Network of Business softwares. If a parent becomes aware of this type of usage or their child has listed personal information, parents should contact us at Network of Business/privacy, so we can delete the information from our records.

Personal Profiles

Only enter information which you feel isn't private or too personal. Remember, many people will have access to your page. We only list the information which you provide on your Network of Business Profile. Of course, if you don't supply enough information, it may be hard to ascertain who you are or to find you. You can control the accessibility to your profile, as being private or publicly viewed.

If we cannot contact you by email regarding your account, we will terminate your service. If we cannot reach you by your telephone, we may suspend service until you can provide us with information which will verify your registration. You can select your net number as being the same number as your regular home, office or cell phone number, or you can use a User Name. You could be prosecuted for using another person's number. You can edit or add to your profile page and choose the information that you make publicly available.

If you use the Video Forum, Network Groups OR post information on your Profile Page, you are solely responsible for the posting of the content.


When you leave a video, audio or text message and it is private, only the intended recipient can see and retrieve the message. You must insure the privacy of providing others with your password. Do not provide anyone with your password and remember, you can change your password anytime by entering your Registration page. You can control the messages and content that you send and receive and can elect if it is to be publicly or privately viewed.

Collaboration Features

Our collaboration features are all private, just as your video/audio/IM text messaging is, however, it is your responsibility to maintain your privacy and security.

Business Transfer

Network of Business may merge or sell or share their assets which includes your membership information, however you may opt out of your membership at any time; in such case, we will terminate your page and our softwares. If you do not opt out, any third party, will have the right to continue serving you as a member.

Use of Network of Business Software

All of your friends, family and business associates can use the Video Communication Program to call anyone, anywhere at anytime and its all Free!