How to Use the Live Video Connector - LVC

Live Video Connector - a Web Based Program With No Downloads

General Information

The following How to Use Information is for our web-based Live Video Connector and is for users with the latest versions of the following browsers:

  1. Chrome including mobile version
  2. Firefox including mobile version
  3. Opera including mobile version
Internet Explorer Users - To use our Live Video Connector using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, you will have to download our program, "LiveNetVideo". For more information about "LiveNetVideo, Click Here. To download "LiveNetVideo" go to your account info page and enter your user name in the box at the bottom of the page where indicated, click add and follow the instructions (it's completely FREE). For instructions on how "LiveNetVideo" works, Click Here. To see how customers use the Live Video Connector using Internet Explorer, Click Here. The LiveNetVideo Video program includes the Live Video Connector and it can operate using a computer, laptop, and tablet device.

Initiating Calls

You can connect with any other Network of Business user who displays the Live Video Connector button on their profile or business listing. Just click on the Live Video Connector Button to be instantly connected.

Ending A Call

  1. To end a call, click the "End Call" button underneath the video screen or leave the "Live Video Connector - Web Interface" page. Either action will close the call connection and end the call.


To start texting, type your message in the box marked "enter message". Once you've completed the message, click on the Send Text button. Your message will display in the "current conversation" box. This feature only works when users are using the same browser, i.e., Firefox to Firefox. We will be adding a cross browser texting feature in the near future.

Screen Size

You can change the screen size by clicking on one of the icons under the screen. There are three sizes. Small, Large and Full Screen. To return to the original size from Full Screen, click the escape button on your keyboard.

Network of Business Members, please login and navigate to the Members Live Video Connector Web Interface, to access member related Live Video Connector help files, which include exclusive Live Video Connector features only available to Network Of Business Members.

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